Every 12 years, the mountain slopes of Munnar are dressed with bluish-purple flowers. Neelakurinji blooming when seen from a distance is a visual treat. Seen closely, these bell-shaped flowers appear to dance gaily against the winds. Neelakurinji flowers make an appearance once in 12 years, which draw tourists from all over the world. This year too, from August 2018 to October 2018, the hills of Munnar will witness the blooming of these flowers. The rarity of this event, along with the visual spectacle that it holds in store for visitors, is what makes it an exciting event. Watch the Neelakurinji flower bloom in all its glory from the hills of Munnar.

Neelakurinji Flower

Neelakurinji has the resemblance of a bell which is the name of a flower with purple-bluish color. ‘Strobilanthes kunthianus’ is the botanical name for the flower, with the name “kunthianus” said to be derived from the River Kunthi. Blossoming of this flower provides the best opportunities for sightseeing among the 46 plant species found in India that bloom every 10 to 16 years. This shrub is found exclusively in the Shola Forests of the Western Ghats and the mountain slopes of the Nilgiri Mountain Range.

Neelakurinji Flower – A spectacular sight to come across!

The sight of certain mountain slopes of munnar bathed in purple-bluish color is hard to miss. Neelakurinji Flower blooms once every 12 years, and this year is one of them. The rarity of this event enhances its overall attraction.  The mountain slopes of Munnar will be decorated with plenty of Neelakurinji flowers between the months of August and October. Kurinji flowers represent the rich biodiversity that the Western Ghats is famous for. This flower makes it appearance at 1800m above sea level. This was also a way by which the members of the Pulaya tribes determined their age. Located at an altitude of 600ft, it settles itself comfortably amidst the dense forests of the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala.

There are several places in Munnar where we can witness the blossoming of the Neelakurinji Flower. One of these is the Kurinjimala Sanctuary. Its spread across 32 sq. km and is the core habitat of the Neelakurinji plant. Eravikulam National Park is the other place where tourists can witness the blooming of Kurinji flowers.

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