Over twelve varieties of spices are cultivated in Munnar and its associated villages including ginger, garlic, cardamom, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. One of the main hubs of spice across South India is Munnar. Traders traveled here to trade and to gain control over this rich land. Kerala was known for its spices and have a high market across the world because of its quality. Munnar was developed in order to cultivate tea plants, during the rule of the British. This area is almost completely covered by tea estates and dense forests and is a center of tourist attraction.


Cardamom is referred to as the “Queen of Spices”. It’s grown mainly in Kerala, Tamilnadu with the scientific name “Elettaria Cardamomum Maton”.  Best altitude for the cultivation of cardamom is 1500 Mts above sea-level. It requires a Temperature of about 10°C – 25°C and rainfall of about 1500 mm. The cardamom harvesting is in the months of October to February.


“Piper Nigrum”  is the scientific name of Pepper. Cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. To produce white pepper and green pepper, the same fruit is also used. This region is renowned for black pepper. Pepper is one of the most common spices added to European cuisine and its descendants which is also an unavoidable substance in ayurvedic medicine too.


The scientific name of Cinnamon is “Cinnamon Zeylanicum”. About 3 years after planting, the cinnamon plants are ready for harvest. Harvesting is done twice in a year – in May and November. Cinnamon trees are native to South East Asia, and until the sixteenth century, its origin was mysterious in Europe. The dry quills or bark are packed in bundles for trade. For extraction of oil, leaves and tender twigs are used.


Its scientific name is “Vanilla Fragrans”. It needs a rainfall of about to 1500 -3000 mm. It derives from the Spanish word “vanilla”, little pod. The second most expensive spice is Vanilla, where its essence is largely used in foods in the preparation of ice creams, chocolates, bakery products. Vanilla is a climbing orchid cultivated for its pleasant flavor.


Clove trees begin to bear flowers 7-8 years after planting. The scientific name of clove is “Eugenia Caryophyllus/Syzygium aromaticum”. It is used as a spice in cuisine all over the world which is native to Indonesia. The name derives from French. They contain 14 to 20 percent essential oil, the principal component of which is the aromatic oil eugenic. In food items, toothpaste and other ayurvedic medicines they are widely used.


Turmeric is also used to give a yellow color for food items.  “Curcuma Longa” is the scientific name of Turmeric. It is a spice commonly used in curries and other South Asian cuisines.

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