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The mystical forest of Marayoor is located just close to Chinnar, which is another popular tourist destination in Munnar. To immerse themselves in its exceptional sights people go here that cannot be found anywhere else in Kerala. It’s a place that can truly hypnotize anyone. A number of enchanting waterfalls and sparkling streams can be seen. What makes Marayoor more exotic is its interesting treasure of Dolmens that date back to the ancient Stone Age i.e. the period between 3000 BC and 1400 BC. These huge and enigmatic stone structures represent the tombs and burial chambers of the pre-historic man. They vary in shapes and sizes. We would love taking a trip to these historical dolmens. A visit here would surely leave you in great awe of the artistic skills of the early man. More than 90 painted motifs depicting human and animal figures are there.


A short drive away from Munnar is Marayoor. It can be covered on a day trip, for those who wish to spend a day or two extra in this scenic and sleepy little hamlet. We can choose for a stay in the tribal village of Kanthaloor, located just close by. The village is no less than a heaven and provides for an overwhelming holiday experience. Kanthaloor is steeped in natural beauty of green hills, vibrant flora and beguiling fruit gardens.

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ENCHANTING CHINNAR. resorts in munnar, resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

In the Idukki district of Kerala state in South India, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) is located. It is 18 km north of Marayoor in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor Panchayats of Devikulam Taluk. It is one of twelve Wildlife Sanctuaries among the protected areas of Kerala.


For about 965 species of flowering plants are there in the sanctuary. Chinnar is a habitat for the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel of India. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the rain-shadow region in the eastern slope of the Western Ghats, adjoining the neighbouring State of Tamil Nadu.

Eco-regions of the sanctuary comprise mostly grassland and wet grasslands vegetation. The Marayoor Sandalwood forest is located here. Rich in wildlife, the mixed deciduous forests here in this 90.44 sq. km. sanctuary are ideal for trekking.

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Healthy population of Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Tufted Grey Langur, gaur, Slender Loris, elephant, crocodile, tiger, leopard and many bird species, insects and plants are there in Chinnar. In Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, 34 species of Mammals including many Panthers and Spotted deer are found. The largest population of vulnerable Mugger Crocodiles and 52 species of reptiles including 29 species of snakes, Indian Star Tortoise, 245 species of birds including Yellow-throated Bulbuls in Kerala live in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary River trekking, nature trail to the watch tower, trekking and camping at Vasyappara, trekking to the cultural site, a trek to the Thoovanam falls, tree house at Chinnar are some eco-tourism facilities in Chinnar that are organized by the Forest Department and the Eco-development Committees.

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ECHO POINT AND TOP STATION resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

Echo point

echo point

Echo Point is Located at an altitude of 600 ft. and at a distance of about 15 kilometers from town. The scenic beauty of Echo Point is quite captivating which is very popular among youngsters. Some of the popular activities in this destination are trekking and nature walks. Echo point, Munnar lies on the banks of a beautiful river.

Visitors can hear their voice echoing through the reservoir is the most important characteristic of the echo point. As we scream, it is fun to hear our voice reverberate around the attraction again and again. We will feel rejuvenated as we indulge in a peaceful walk around the gentle slopes of the hills. Tea plantations and spice gardens surrounded invite trekkers to explore the wonders of nature. As many native birds can be spotted there, Echo point is a dream come true for birdwatchers.

The Echo Point will never fail to mesmerize us with its sheer beauty and stillness. Engage in the exciting adventures or just sit back and relax. On our visit to Munnar, Echo Point should be on our to-do list. To capture the moments of vibrancy as well as serenity, photographers find this place a true paradise. We will find the rare Neelakurinji flowers or Strobilanthes that blooms and enhances its beauty.

Top Station

top station

A tourist destination in the Kannan Devan hills of Munnar is top station. Fourty kilometer from Munnar is top station which is 1,880 meters above sea level which is in Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.  Top Station is situated with three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala which is a perfect destination of panoramic view of Western Ghats. It also has a historical connection. It was the point from where tea was delivered to Madupatty and Munnar, by train, and later was dropped down to Kottagudi, by rope. Visitors can enjoy lovely views from here, mainly between April and May. The location is famous for the Neelakurinji flowers, which used to bloom once in every twelve years. The bloom of these rare flowers will give the location a different pleasant look. The next flowering season of Neelakurinji is on 2018.

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Trails for Trekking. resorts in munnar, resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar



A hill town known for its tea plantations is Chithirapuram. One of the most beautiful and most picturesque hill stations located in Kerala is Chithirapuram. With its sleepy little cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds and courts, Chithirapuram, located around 13 km from Munnar still exudes an old world charm. We will fall in love with the Ramaswamy Dam waterfall during a walk to the Chithirapuram Bridge through the tea estates. Pepper, betel nut, Guava, Vanilla is some of the planting species that we will encounter while strolling through this beautiful trek. As the topography of these landscapes will leave us awestruck, capture pictures of hilly slopes, the mountains filled with greenery and the plantation areas.

Lakshmi Hill Trek

Lakshmi Hill Trek

A surreal experience is offered by the Lakshmi Hill Trek that never fails to amaze the travelers and trekkers. To reach the starting point of the Lakshmi Hill Trek, we need to drive just 3 kilometers from Munnar towards Cochin. Further trek offers splendid beauty to the travelers. Ramble through the grasslands and witness the rocky slopes during our way. The total distance can rise to 23 kilometers if we chose to go to the topmost point at an elevation of about 1870m. The lower point is about 1790m high. We will see the highest peak of South India Anamudi, Pallivasal and Anachal areas towards the south.



We emerge into a grass land which turns into hardcore climbing, as soon as the Shola walk ends. The trek to the highest peak can be divided into four parts—Shola walk, the grass stroll, steep climb and the dangerous terrain. The picturesque view after all these elevations leaves us thunderstruck. As we cover an altitude of 7200 feet, we can enjoy the misty clouds, lush greenery and cool breeze while trekking. A well-experienced guide will lead us through and show us around. Chokramudi stood separately and is not attached to any other hills or ranges of hills, unlike the other hill ranges in Idukki.


For nature lovers who admire serenity, Idukki trek perfect. The forest walk amidst the mystical beauty of the cinnamon hills is mesmerizing. These four to five hours long trek in Munnar lets you explore the vast plantation of tea and cardamom in the misty mountain ranges.

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MUNNAR-A HEAVENLY PLACE!! resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

Munnar, Kerala is one of the major tourist destinations, covered with aromatic spices and tea plantation. There is no dearth of places to see in Kerala and Munnar is one such place. Munnar is a beautiful hill station in the district of Idukki, Kerala located at about 5,200 ft above the sea level. Munnar is well known for its pleasant climate and pristine beauty. One of the popular destinations among the honeymooners is Munnar which is an ideal place for nature lovers, wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts. You can indulge in boating, trekking and paragliding in Munnar. Munnar got its name from the word Moonu Aaru, which means ‘three rivers’ in Malayalam. One of the places in India with rich biodiversity is Munnar. The Old Munnar and Munnar, are two parts of Munnar.


As a tourist destination, Munnar gained its popularity. The scenic beauty and charm of the hill station attracted many tourists to Munnar. To see the lush greenery and the tea plantation, tourists rush to Munnar. TATA Tea Museum, Blossom Park, Pothamedu View Point, Attukal Waterfalls, Top Station, Kundala Lake, Mattupetty Dam, Eravikulam National Park, Marayoor Dolmens, Anamudi, Indo Swiss Diary Farm, Cheeyapara Waterfalls, Meesapulimala are some interesting places to visit in Munnar. These protected areas are home to many of the endemic and threatened species. The valley is also famous for the Neelakurinju flowers. During this time, the valleys and hills get blanketed by the purple-blue blooms.


Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is another attraction in Munnar. In the high ranges of Idukki district, Eravikulam National Park, Munnar is spread over an extensive area of 97 sq km along the crest of Western Ghats. Eravikulam National Park, Munnar was established for the conversation of the Nilgiri Tahr. Most of the areas of the national park are consistent hill plateau. The national park is managed by the Kerala Department of Forest and Wildlife, Munnar. For trekking, permission is required from the Forest and Wildlife authorities at Eravikulam. Only few mini buses are operated inside in order to control the environment pollution. The trips are organized by the forest department. Another attraction inside the Eravikulam National Park is the Anamudi Peak, which is the highest peak in the South India. Rising 2,695 m above the sea level, Anamudi Peak is a great place for trekking.


Tata Tea Museum

Tata Tea Museum Munnar, is one of the most visited attractions in Munnar. Tea Museum, previously known as Tata Tea Museum, is operated by Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd. Without spending some time in the Tata Tea Museum, exploring the history of the Tea plantations, the visit to Munnar hill station will not complete. To understand the tea plantations, there is no finer institution than the Tata Tea Museum in Munnar. The museum is well-arranged in a manner that it will quench your curiosity to know all about tea plantation, tea industry and its history.

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Beauty of Power House Waterfalls,Munnar. resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

The Power House waterfalls, munnar regarded as one of the top tourist attractions in Kerala, are situated at about 18 kilometers from Munnar. Falling from 2000 meters above sea level, Power House Waterfalls ,munnar cascades down a steep rock in the backdrop of scenic mountain ranges and is a beautiful sight to view.

Power House waterfalls,munnar

The spot is enriched with the scenic western mountain ranges, and is an ideal place for a break on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady. The waterfall is believed to originate from the ‘Sita Devi Kulam’ a lake at Devikulam, it is also known as the ‘Lake of Goddess.’ According to myths Sita Devi bathed in the lake here, which has imparted therapeutic properties to the lake and is believed to have strong healing properties.

As you cast your eyes on Power House Waterfalls striking steep rocks from a height of 2000 meters you will appreciate the spectacular view and enjoy the experience of the cool water droplets sprinkling in the vicinity. Apart from the curative properties, the waterfall also acts as a natural massage.

The Power House waterfall, munnar is en-route to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady as well, so a visit here can also land you to another must-see attraction. Here you can enjoy thorough going caress and a thrilling experience that will restore one’s senses as you stand under the free falling water. Capture the unblemished loveliness of the surroundings and admire the rich unspoiled beauty and greenery all around the Power House waterfalls, munnar. In addition, Power House Waterfalls, munnar is one attraction every traveller should visit when you visit the south state of India.

Power House waterfalls,munnar

It is best suited time to visit the waterfall after monsoon when the water level is still at its peak and you can witness the rush of the Power House or Chinnakanal Waterfalls. After the monsoon, when the climate is cooler, enriched with the water from the heavy downpour, the Power House Waterfall , munnar thunders down from its elevation in torrents, rising white foamy froth onto fern-fringed pools, which is spectacular. You can capture the beauty of this waterfall in your camera lens, take a stroll around soaking up the cool air and the water droplets, and spend a relaxed time absorbing nature’s bounty.

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Munnar Rose Garden – a treat for the eyes resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

Rose Garden is a well maintained flower garden situated on Munnar.It is a popular destination located in Mattupetty which is about 13 km away from Munnar town at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level. Munnar Floriculture Centre, popularly known as Munnar Rose Garden.It has hundreds of rare varieties of flowers and herbal plants. It is a place where different varieties and colours of roses can be found. With large tea plantations in the background, this is place is definitely worth a visit for everyone who enjoy flowers.

Munnar Floriculture Centre is operated by Kerala Forest Developerment Centre (KFDC), a Govt. of Kerala undertaking. Spread across a few acres of land and located along the Munnar – Mattupetty road, this place has an amenity centre for tourists and a sales outlet, in addition to hundreds of rare varieties of flowers, cactus, shrubs, creepers and herbal plants.

Rose garden often open to the public, used to present and grow various types of garden roses or rose species. Designs vary extremely and roses may be displayed alongside other plants or grouped by individual variety, colour or class in rose beds.

Besides being a feast to the eye, it is also a place for bird watching and trekking. Different varieties of birds can be spotted here. Tourists also visit the rivulets and waterfalls in and around Mattupetty while paying a visit to Rose Garden.

Munnar’s Rose Garden is a charming location to capture the beauty and elegance of nature’s miracles and beautiful enchanting works. The wholesome beauty of this place can best be expressed through the attractive and richly-coloured flowers that dot the garden in huge numbers. In fact, the rose garden is apt for all photo fanatics’ .The surrounding hills and waterfalls act as a perfect backdrop for the amazing photographs and make the entire location incredibly scenic.

Munnar, being full of wavy mountains and tea gardens, makes for a perfect trekking spot, and is in fact highly regarded as a trekking destination in south India. It is then not unlikely to expect an ideal trekking spot in the Rose Garden itself. The grassland terrain of the garden might be ecologically fragile but makes for a perfect trekking trail. During these treks, you will come across the natural beauty of the wilderness. So, outdoor enthusiasts be prepared for some marvellous trekking and walking opportunities and give your adrenaline a boost.

The visitors were greeted by the hundreds beautiful flowers in the very well maintained garden. This place is really beautiful as everyone would love those flowers even if they were not a botanist or nature lover. During last week of February, which is sort of dry season, every plant was looking awesome with all sorts of flowers. Since it’s along the way to many other attractions in Munnar, it is easily accessible without taking a lot of time from your journey. If you are on a short trip and in a hurry to see as much as you can, then you can quickly run through the entire garden in less than 30 minutes. You may just need to push some true nature lovers aside who are adoring the beautiful flowers all along the narrow paths throughout the garden to make your way. If you are in Munnar to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can spend 1 to 2 hours relaxing in the garden.

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Temples in Munnar resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

Munnar is an asylum of peace and harmony .It is the blissful tourist destination and home to many ancient temples in God’s own country. These temples celebrate various festivals that are participated by a large number of people. The temples of Munnar are especially known for their festivals that are celebrated with great grandeur.

Sree Murugan Kovil / Subramanya Temple

murugan kovil munnar

This temple is dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya, also known as Sree Muruga son of Lord Siva. Lord Muruga is the principal deity. The one day festival celebrated here is known as ‘Thrikkarthika Utsvam’. This temple located on a small hill was worshipped by the Muthuvan tribal community in the past. Later it was closed for a long time. But seeing the pathetic condition, the temple was renovated by the members of Travancore royal family when they came to visit Munnar during the summer season. Earlier Nambudiris held the tantric rights of the temple. At present the rights are held by local Tamil Brahmins. The temple is now administered by a committee of local Hindus.Three poojas are held every day including ‘Usha pooja’ in morning section, ‘Ucha pooja’ in noon section and ‘Attazha pooja’ in desk section. The annual festival ‘Thrikarthika’ is hosted in the Malayalam month of Vrischikam (i.e. November to December). Uthram asterism day in Meenam (i.e. March to April) is also an important festival. Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Good Health
  • Become courageous

Sree Ayyapa Temple, Anachal, Munnar

Sree Ayyapa Temple is situated at Anachal, 15 km from Munnar.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. The six day annual festival commences with the ceremonial hoisting of the temple flag (Kodiyettam).

Santhigiri Sree Maheswari Temple, Adimali

This temple dedicated to Lord Siva is situated at Santhigiri at the heart of Adimali town. It celebrates a five day festival every year.  The last day ‘Sivarathri’ is considered most auspicious for worship.

Sree Krishna Temple 

This temple of Munnar is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is located at Peermade, 42 km from Kurnili. The annual festival here is celebrated for ten days. It starts with the hoisting of the temple flag (Kodiyettam). The last two evenings of the festival are marked by lively performances of Ottanthullal and Kavadiyattam. On the last night, the ‘Thidampu’ is taken out for the Arattu’ i.e. holy bath. It is a colourful procession with the Thidampu. It is ceremoniously carried on a caparisoned elephant along with the temple music, ‘Panchavadyam’, which indicates the conclusion of the festival.

Sree Dharmasastha Temple

This temple of Munnar is dedicated to Lord Dharmasastha. The deity is Ayyappa, who was born of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva), with Hari assuming the form of a female (Mohini). This festival of Dharmasastha temple is celebrated with lots of pomp and gaiety. During the festival, ‘Ammankudam’ and ‘Thalappow’, ‘Garudanvaravu’, the folk rituals are performed, which represent the celestial bird, Garuda.

Sree Parthasarathy Temple

This temple is situated at Mundakkayam, around 65 km from Thekkady. It is dedicated to Lord Parthasarathy. The six-day annual festival of the temple begins with the ceremonial hoisting of the temple flag (Kodiyettam).

Sree Krishnaswamy Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is located at the heart of Thodupuzha town. Every year, a ten day festival is celebrated in this temple. ‘Kathakali’ performances are also held on 5th and 6th days of the festival.

Thus, the festivals of Munnar are the occasions of enjoyment and excitement. All the above mentioned temples and their festivals attract pilgrims from various corners of India.

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Anamudi resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

Anamudi peak munnar
Anamudi Peak

Anamudi is the highest peak in Western Ghats and also highest point in India outside the Himalaya-Karakoram, at an altitude of 8842 feet.  At a distance of 20 Kilometers from Munnar, it is a mountain which is located in the southern region of Eravikulam National Park at the junction of the Cardamom Hills, the Anaimalai Hills and the Palani Hills. The Anamudi Peak,  that  stands tall in the Eravikulam National Park, is the pride of Kerala. The name Anamudi literally translates to “elephant’s forehead,” a reference to the resemblance of the mountain to an elephant’s head.

Anamudi peak is one among the few ultra prominent peaks in South India. The peak is the highest point of the Periyar river basin. The peak is not exceptionally dramatic in term of steepness or local relief and is a Fault-block mountain. Anamudi, along with the Eravikulam national park, is occupied by the largest surviving population of Nilgiri Tahr, Gaur,Asian Elephant, Bengal tigers, and the Nilgiri marten (Martes gwatkinsii) . The Anamudi peak area is also habitat of a unique frog Raorchestes resplendens,  this newly discovered species is seen in the Eravikulam National Park and is restricted to less than 3 km  on the summit of Anamudi.


The mountain, coated with evergreen forests occupied by endemic flora and fauna and a colourful avian life, is a paradise in the wild. The green forest is also the source of some massive and scenic rivers in Kerala and the nearby State of Tamil Nadu.

Being the highest peak of the southern part of India, Anamudi offers exciting views of  surrondings, which are worth capturing. Visitors can also take  pictures of wild animals and colourful birds in their natural element.

Anamudi is also famous for Neela Kurinji flowers that blossom once in 12 years. Located inside the Eravikulam National Park, it is a famous trekking destination in Kerala which offers breathtaking views of Western Ghats and a lifetime experience with wonderful nature views.

anamudi- eravikulam

A favourite place among wildlife lovers, adventure lovers and photo fanatics, the peak is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Munnar. Tourists take a trek to the top of the mountain to enjoy the sight of gorgeous rivers flowing into the east like Vaigai and Thamirabarani, and the Periyar River.  The 2-3 days trekking programming starts at foothill of Eravikulam with night halts at tribal hamlets within the forest.

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MOST SCENIC PLACES OF MUNNAR resorts in munnar,resorts at munnar, honeymoon resorts munnar

Mattupetty Dam


Mattupetty, the hill station at a height of 1,700 m, nestled inside the hills of Munnar and is very near to the Anamudi peak. It is located 13 km away from Munnar. The main attraction of Mattupetty is the dam and the lake here. You can enjoy the greenish valleys and feel the fabulous climate around. Mattupetty dam was constructed under the Pallivasal Hydro-electric project in the late 1940s, for the purpose of water conservation and power generation. Still water that reflects the tea garden around is an attractive part of Mattupetty dam. Adventure lovers also have options here like trekking in the Shola forest. Mattupetty dam is a vital source of electricity generation in Munnar and also a haven for several wild animals and birds because to its constant water availability.

Kundala Lakekundaladam

Kundala rich in scenic beauty is located at about 20 km from Munnar. The place is situated at an altitude of 1,700 metres above sea level. This major attraction in Munnar is en route Top Station. And so, for any travelling to visit the Top Station, Kundala is a must see place for a halt. There are several attractions at Kundala. The first of which is the tea plantations. Sprawling across the vast expanses of land is the green tea plantations. The sight of nature’s prime color all around and the refreshing aroma of the tea leaves sure would give one a memorable experience. The lake and the dam with the same name, Kundala is another major attraction. Surrounded by hills and valleys, the Kundala Lake offers picturesque beauty. Important activity that attracts tourists to the place is boating. The Shikara boating facility arranged in the place is one of the best experiences that all honeymoon goers must try out!

Pothamedu Viewpoint

The Pothamedu View Point has a majestic beauty attached to it, located at a distance of 4.5 kms from Munnar. The coffee, tea and cardamom plantation located at the Pothamedu View Point appears like a bouquet of natures scenic beauty. The Pothamedu View Point offers hiking and trekking opportunities for those who love adventure sports. One can also view the Idukki Arch Dam which is situated 60 kms from Pothamedu View Point when sky is clear. Pothamedu View Point has a panoramic view of adjoining valley and river Muthirapuzha. It has an ideal view for photographers as well as leisure travellers. August to May is the preferable time to visit the Pothamedu View Point. When viewed from the Pothamedu View Point, vehicles crawling up the serpentine road from Kochi appear to be minute. A stroll along this magnificent location near Idukki takes approximately twenty minutes and gives a heavenly experience of peacefulness and calmness. Surely Pothamedu View Point is a place which has a magnetic influence of attracting tourist and for the same reason is also counted among the famous places situated near Munnar.

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